Explorer features

The Explorer aircraft is a revolutionary technological advancement in the single engine category of modern aviation. Explorer's features include selected composite material construction and modern aerodynamics to provide a revolutionary utility aircraft that surpasses all expectations.

The following features are common to the family of aircraft:

  • Large fuselage cross section 61" x 53"
  • Flat cabin floor
  • Novel use of composite materials
  • Fuselage mounted undercarriage 

Wing Characteristics

  • Strutted wing minimizes weight and maximizes cabin height
  • Wing taper provides exceptional roll rate
  • Aerodynamic and geometric washout prevent wing tip stall
  • High aspect ratio for signficiantly improved field and climb performance
  • Robust airfoil thickness minimizes structural weight and maximizes fuel volume

Tailored Airfoil

  • High lift capability
  • Low pitching moment
  • Low drag
  • Docile stall handling qualities


  • Retractable undercarriage for higher speed, improved performance, low operating costs
  • Fiberglass constructed main undercarriage for high strength, low weight, and damping for rough runways
  • Conventional nose oleo leg
  • Wide wheel track for stability
  • Retractable undercarriage for maintaining flat cabin floor


  • High cabin volume
  • Wide and spacious (61" wide x 53" height)
  • Flat floor, flexible seating arrangement with 5 full length seat tracks
  • Large cargo door 49" high x 50" wide
  • Two crew doors for easy entry
  • Large cabin windows for panoramic view
  • Composite structure for reduced cabin noise
  • Cargo bays, forward, rear, and cargo pod


  • Proven powerplants used
  • Proven propeller systems used
  • Large access doors for maintenance
  • Cooling system for hot climates

Innovative Design

  • Composite fuselage enables strong aerodynamic shapes and weight savings
  • Optimum use of molded parts, keeping part count low for cost efficiency 
  • Metal structure used where best suited
  • Novel assembly method to reduce production costs

Ease of Maintenance

  • Progressive maintenance system
  • Easy access to systems
  • Corrosion resistant in composite parts
  • Easy access down aft fuselage and tail
  • Removable floor
  • Quick access to engine

Method of Manufacture

  • Metal wings
  • Metal horizontal stabilizer and fin
  • Metal fuselage sub-structure
  • Composite fuselage
  • Composite doors, engine cowls and trimmings


civil roles

  • Freight carry
  • Sightseeing flights
  • Short haul passenger flights
  • Outback/remote area flights
  • Aerial photography
  • Air ambulance
  • Airborne geophysical survey
  • Sky diving

Military Roles

  • Cargo and logistics support
  • Paratroop and supply drops
  • Medevac and electronic surveillance
  • Forward air control and passenger troop transport
  • Search and rescue
  • Border and coastal surveillance
  • Underwing and fuselage hardpoints