Sep 15, 2021
Press Release

Explorer Aircraft has Engaged Castle Placement to Finance the Next Generation of Utility Aircraft


Explorer Aircraft is developing the next generation utility aircraft, designed by award winning engineers Graham Swannell and John Roncz. The aircraft will play an important role in replacing the tens of thousands of more than half century old utility aircraft still in service all over the world. Explorer’s 500T prototype, featured on the cover of NASA’s regional air mobility study ( ), underlines how Explorer’s versatile aircraft will serve multiple markets.

“Explorer Aircraft is excited to announce our partnership with Castle Placement. Castle brings avast amount of financing experience to the company.” said Bryan Lynch, CEO. “We are building a world class team of engineers, partners and suppliers, and Castle aligns with our drive for outstanding results and high integrity.”

“Castle Placement is delighted to work with Explorer Aircraft, which exemplifies the forward looking, ecological and innovative projects and programs we love to support.” Steve LeFavour, Managing Director said. “It is great when a company like Explorer comes along to disrupt a large, high value, global market served with obsolete inefficient products.”

“Explorer Aircraft has studied the global market and demand for light-utility aircraft, and our world-renowned design and engineering team have designed a technologically advanced aviation platform to meet and exceed requirements for the next 50 years.” stated Bryan Lynch. “When the existing utility aircraft fleet was designed it was not anticipated they would be in service for 50, 60 or even 70 years. Our aircraft is designed to upgrade power and flight systems, and our composite airframe is as fatigue and corrosion free as today’s technology allows. We have developed what we believe is a future-proof aircraft that will efficiently and effectively serve markets for the next 50 years or more.”

Explorer Aircraft’s 750T is a new, low drag, high performance, all-composite, light-utility aircraft. With a 4000lb useful load and 200kts cruise it is designed for cargo, passenger, medevac, and military/special missions.

As the newest high-performance aircraft designed for the light utility market, Explorer is making sure that its customers can minimize their impact on the environment with an efficient hybrid electric power system that can be used in small rural airports all over the world, with no need for expensive infrastructure improvements.

Explorer 750TH Hybrid Production Aircraft Concept Design

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Additional contacts:

Investor contact:
Steve Lefavour
Managing Director, Castle Placement
(469) 301-4894

Aircraft brokers and those seeking fleet applications contact:
Taras Lyssenko
Chief Business Development/Government Relations
(305) 794-4457