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The Explorer series of aircraft is the product of the visionary engineer Graham Swannell, and his company Aeronautical Engineers Australia, and John Roncz, world-renowned aerodynamicist for over 40 aircraft and co-designer of the round-the-world record breaking Voyager aircraft and the Virgin-Atlantic Global Flyer. These are award winning and seasoned aeronautical engineers with experience in innovative design, aircraft modification, and refined operations. The rugged Australian outback and cost-conscious aviation community pointed to the demand for a multi-role utility aircraft with an eight to ten seat capacity, giving rise to the initial concept of Explorer's lightweight, yet robust and cost-effective aircraft. 

Explorer is a family of utility aircraft designed with multi-purpose aviation in mind with high performance capabilities while easily maintaining cost-effective functionality. The design incorporates the Integrated Product Process Development (IP/PD), also used by the industry's leading aircraft companies. 

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Bryan lynch

Bryan earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University, graduating in 1983. He earned his MBA from the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University in 1987. Bryan has been designing systems and medical devices for over 30 years. Mr. Lynch has been in the mechanical circulatory support industry founding ReliantHeart developers of an advanced implantable blood pump for people suffering from end-stage heart failure. ReliantHeart is an ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 compliant manufacturer of life supporting medical devices. Bryan has nine patents, eight in the mechanical circulatory support field. Mr. Lynch is an active pilot with over 2000 hours in high performance aircraft. His background designing and building implantable medical devices in the FDA regulated medical device industry makes him uniquely qualified to shepherd an aircraft through FAA approval and certification.


Charles w. yeargain

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Taras lyssenko

Taras has spent his career in service to his country and further to its veterans.  After studying Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Illinois, Chicago and serving as a commissioned Army Officer and Ranger, Taras and a partner started A and T Recovery where they specialize in the locating and recovery for presentation to the American public dozens of once lost US Navy World War II aircraft.  These aircraft are now on display in museums and airports across the country.  See his new book “The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan: The True Story of the Privateers of Lake Michigan and the Aircraft They Rescued”.  When he’s not rescuing museum pieces from under the water he’s guiding companies in their government relations and business development efforts.