Apr 29, 2021

Explorer Aircraft Set to Begin Certification and Manufacturing Scale-Up

With the release of the National Aeronautical and Space Administration’s (NASA) Regional Air Mobility (RAM) report (, Explorer Aircraft, Inc. is positioning itself to capture the growing demand and market for a modern efficient light-utility aircraft.  The NASA report identifies and increasing trend for the use of the over 5000 local regional airports is fundamentally changing how we travel by bringing the convenience, speed, and safety of small light-utility aircraft to the general public.  Explorer Aircraft, Inc. is beginning the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 23 Certification process.  Additionally, the company is in the process of selecting a manufacturing location for production. Explorer’s aircraft offer advanced aeronautical design, carbon fiber composite, lower cost of operations and efficient performance to meet the demands of the growing RAM market and to replace the current fleet of aging, obsolete light-utility aviation airframes.  

“Explorer Aircraft studied the existing applications and the growing worldwide need for a new modern light-utility aircraft.  With a comprehensive understanding of the applications for these aircraft, and the age of the existing fleet, our renowned design and engineering team have developed an aviation platform to meet and exceed user requirements for the next 75 years,” stated Bryan Lynch, Chief Executive Officer.

Explorer Aircraft’s 750T is a new, low-drag, high-performance, all-composite, turbine-powered (Pratt Whitney PT6), light-utility aircraft. With a 4000lb useful load, 200kts cruise speed with a maximum range of over 2000 nautical miles, it is designed for cargo, passenger, medevac, and military/special missions.

As the highest performance utility aircraft in the world, Explorer is the ideal aircraft for future electric and hybrid powered applications.